Top 5 Movies Of The Summer

Bryan Fettig ’14

Staff Writer

1.Man Of Steel

This movie explores the origins of Superman/Clark Kent/Kal El like no other Superman movie has done before. We see him live in a nomadic life style until earth is threatened by krypton criminal General Zod. We see an action packed ending as Superman battles Zod and his supporters. We see Clark Kent taking a job at the daily planet newspaper in metropolis, leading us into the start of the next big movie franchise. This movie was the best movie because of its plot, action and the acting which was excellent especially General Zod (Mike Shannon).

2. Elysium

Elysium was a tale of two cities. One, a space station reserved for the very wealthy, the other, Earth in ruins. Matt Damon was excellent in this movie as a man trying to bring hope to everyone on Earth by hacking Elysium’s database to make everyone citizens. This movie showed what happens when we as a human race fail to be humane and help those who have less. It also showed what life can be like if we work hard to be successful and what can happen if we abuse our resources as well. All in all, this movie teaches us so many things about ourselves.


3. Iron Man 3

This movie is the third installment of the Iron Man series anchored by Robert Downey Jr. This shows Iron Man at his best and his worst when his suit stops working as well as his internal battles entering the black hole and an external battles with The Mandurian.  We also see Iron Man invade the Mandurian’s home as his altar ego Tony Stark.  This movie had a great plot with twist, turns and some humor, overall it was one of the best this summer.


4. Now You See Me

This movie is filled with mystery, deception and lots of slam-bang action. This movie starts off great when the four horsemen are summoned . The only problem is that as the movie progresses the plot starts to dull out when you near the end. This movie does have some star power with Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenbrunerr and Dave Franco. It could have been higher on the list if the action had continued from start to finish.


5. World War Z

This movie starred Brad Pitt who fought a zombie apocalypse on his own almost after a virus broke loose around the world. We see Brad Pitt evacuate New York to find the origins of the virus. As the movie progresses he gets closer and closer as more people turn into zombies. This movie had a solid plot and a lot of action which contributed to making this list. World War Z was a quality movie but did not have as much flare as the other movies on this list.




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