Nouvel Election Competition


Masey Seals ’17

Staff Writer

Contest Results: The winners for correct number of states were Catherine Charlton, Allyson Sova, and Tom McCarthy who successfully predicted 48 states correct. The winners closest off the actual electoral votes for Donald Trump are Lynn Shabluk with 8 off , Jenna Minnec with 12 off , Sierra Reitz with 14 off,  Karly Skocelas and McKenna Adams  with 15 off.  For the parent/teacher category the overall winner was Mr. Steve Schultz who called 48 states correctly and was within 18 electoral votes off the actual total for Donald Trump and Mr. Butko who predicted 42 states correctly and only missed 16 electoral college votes for Donald Trump. ALL those listed above win a prize, available in room 103 tomorrow (Friday) AP U.S. Government and Politics thanks all 75 people who participated. See you in 2020.

The AP Government class is having an election competition, in which students can predict how the electoral college votes will play out. The participating students will color each state, either red or blue, then turn in the colored map into the AP Government students or Mr. Bartels. You can also vote for the presidential candidate of your choice. After the election, the winner of Nouvel presidential election will be announced as well as the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners of the electoral college map. Maps are available outside room 130 beginning today and must be submitted by November 7th in order to participate.

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