Panthers Win: Find out what players and fans think!

student section

Elise Schwind ‘23

Jessenia Olascuaga ‘23

Staff Writers


“Our special teams need some work. It’s no biggy though, we will work on that in practice this week and come out more ready than ever,” said Ayiteh Sowah after their first game at Beecher where they won 47-26. They were ready for sure, as they took on another victory against Flint Elite, with a score of 46-12.

 Though the game was close at the start, the Nouvel Panthers worked together as a team to put themselves ahead for the rest of the game. With the support of the student section as well as hopeful fans, the game became a very lively experience for the  Nouvel community. When Mr. and Mrs. Novak were asked about the influence of the student section on the players, they said “The student section was electric. That is what makes the game, the student section, the parents, and the team.” It is this support that eases the nerves of even new varsity football players such as Cam Kaul who stated he was very confident and felt no pressure at all with the help of his teammates as well as fans. With that in mind, players are optimistic that the season will do very well, some even say they believe this could be the team that takes them to states. After Thursday’s game, Matthew Hartwell expressed that the team is ready and confident to face their rival, Ithaca, to take a long waited win.

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