NCC March Madness 2022 Bracket Challenge

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Maxwell Novak ’23

Staff Writer

March Madness is finally upon us! It is the month that all college basketball fans look forward to every single year because of the craziness and surprise that it brings. Nouvel will be having their annual school bracket challenge again and the rules are simple.

For each game you predict the correct team, you will receive a point. These points will increase as the games advance into the next rounds. In addition to these points, if you correctly pick an upset at any point in the tournament, you will be rewarded with the original points plus the difference in the seeding of the two teams. For example, if you correctly predict a game where a 12 seed beats a 5 seed in the first round, you will receive your original points, plus an additional 7 points for the upset victory. This means you probably want to throw some upsets in there when you are filling out your brackets for the contest!

Brackets will be available to fill out Monday, March 14th following Selection Sunday. The suggested donations for entering a bracket into the contest is $3 for one entry, and $5 for two entries. All funds raised will be put towards the PAWS program at Nouvel. Prizes will be awarded for the students who finish in the top 3. First place will receive a $25 gift card, second will receive a $15 gift card, and third will receive a $10 gift card. Prizes are donated by the NCC Panther Print. Brackets must be turned in by lunch on Thursday, March 17.

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