Movie and Show Recommendations During COVID-19

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Nick Kennedy ’20

Staff Writer

Even as we all are trapped away at home, there is still plenty to do! Even if it doesn’t require much work, there are still things to enjoy, such as watching shows and movies. Different streaming services are offering a variety of new shows and movies for us to watch during the quarantine. Netflix has many new shows and seasons such as On My Block, a story of close friends learning their way through high school and life. Another show  with new seasons just released, is All American. All American follows the story of a rising football star struggling to find his own footing in the spotlight. Along with new additions, there are also many past movies and shows possibly worth watching again. Some shows I recommend bingeing include: Breaking Bad, Stranger Things, and The Office (which just celebrated the 15th anniversary of it’s premiere date).  There are a variety of other services, such as HBO with the third season of their hit show Westworld, and Disney+ offering a lot of great classics and newer installments, also providing options. Plus, some “new” release movies are also getting early streaming for a fee. All together there are endless amounts of shows and movies that may easily be enjoyed in the time we have at home. Stay home, stay safe, stay entertained!

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