Final Update for March Madness

TJ Raedy ’19

Staff Writer

March Madness has finally concluded and the Virginia Cavaliers reign victorious for the first time in school history! Now it’s time to take a look at the three best brackets and announce the winners for the NCC Bracket Contest. As always, all funds raised will go to support the Rescue Ministries of Saginaw.

In first place is Mrs. Chaltraw with 178 points. She technically had both the first and second place brackets thanks to calling multiple upsets. In second place is Avery Kenny with 172. And, tied for third place are Timmy Stack and Jonah Wright with a score of 168. Oddly enough, none of the top finishers called the correct champ. In fact, there was only one bracket that took Virginia all the way, but unfortunately the rest of Mrs. Yats’ bracket wasn’t quite strong enough to strong enough to put her in the top.

Mrs. Chaltraw will contact the winners to receive their prizes– all prizes are donated by NCC PantherPrint. Thanks to all that participated!

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