Fortnite Season 4

Joe Westhoff ’18

Staff Writer

Ladies and gentleman, this is the moment that we all have been waiting for. Season four of Fortnite Battle Royal has finally been revealed after the agony of waiting. This new season has been promising so far and has truly shown off the creativity of the developers at Epic games. They never fail to find new ways to grab the players attention and have them begging for more characters and cosmetics to unlock. With season 3 having a space theme, Epic Games has sent their own idea of superheros to save the planet from the damage that the numerous meteorites caused. As you drop in for your first time in season 4 and check the map, you will see drastic changes across the world of Fortnite. The fan favorite Dusty Depot was the main victim of one of these meteors and the entire spot has been replaced with a huge crater and a special lab placed in the middle. It is now called Dusty Divot. This was not the only difference in the new season 4 map, but it certainly was the biggest change. With all these new changes to the game, there is bound to be new players joining the rapidly growing Fortnite community. Have fun gamers!

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