Girls Soccer

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Kyle Lemanek ’18

Staff Writer

The Lady Panthers have been working hard since the last update. Their current record is 2-7. The ladies faced hard losses to Clio, John Glenn, and Frankenmuth. I talked to Senior Captain Catherine Charlton to inquire on the 3 games. “The losses were hard for us. We have to better set ourselves up on the field to attack and work on our X’s and O’s. It needs to be more about the strategy for us and teamwork, or we won’t come together as a unit and be effective. We are a very young team, but we are confident and willing to put in the work to really get better.” said Catherine. The girls had a victory over Tawas with Karly Scocelas scoring the game winning goal 3-2. The girls next game will be against SASA at home today and another home game Thursday. Make sure to come support our Lady Panthers!

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