Photo by: Audrey Hirschman

Photo by: Audrey Hirschman

Audrey Hirschman ’23

Co-Editor in Chief 

A fairly new trend is circling around for this year’s senior class. This trend started a few years ago and has only gotten bigger, and definitely funnier.

The trend consists of seniors in high school getting a children’s backpack. Several seniors chose to get a backpack with their favorite character from a movie, or favorite musical artist.  For example, senior Ella Martin has a backpack with Hannah Montana’s face on it. Camille Wardin picked a Minecraft backpack because it was her favorite game to play as a child. The backpack trend shows who the senior is personally, and shows what little bit of their childhood looked like. Some people following the trend say that seniors should take part in this trend so that they have one last cry for childhood before leaving high school, and entering what adults would call, “the real world.”

You can also tell immediately who is a senior, and being a part of this trend shows that they all wanted to do something fun as a grade.

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