2020 NBA Season Is Here!

Luke Losa ’20

Staff Writer

The 2020 NBA season is finally among us. What makes this season so much different from all the rest is the substantial amount of stars that have changed teams. Just to name a few, Anthony Davis to the Lakers, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George to the Clippers, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to the Nets, Russel Westbrook to the Rockets, and many others as well. With all of these changes, the success of pretty much every NBA team should be different from last year, but who will end up on top?

It is my belief that the Clippers will win the NBA Finals this season. With the addition of Kawhi Leonard, last year’s finals MVP, and Paul George, one of the top All-Stars in the league, I can’t see anyone winning a series against them. Not even the 3 time champs, the Warriors. With the Warriors loosing KD and Klay Thompson for most the season, I see there success drastically declining this year. I believe the Clipper’s toughest competition will be in their own city against the Lakers. With Lebron being given a All-Star like Anthony Davis, they will without a doubt be much more successful then last year. It is my prediction that they will loose to the Clippers in the west conference finals, and then the Clippers will defeat either the Bucks, 76ers, or the┬áRaptors in the east.

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