Stanley Krajkowski


Photo submitted by: Bradley Krajkowski

Photo submitted by: Bradley Krajkowski

On February 14, 2015, Mr. Stanley Krajkowski celebrated his 85th birthday with most of his family members and many, many cards. Stan has given his time and faith to the Catholic school system for over 30 years and does not see a reason to stop. His pride and dedication to the Nouvel community is well respected by his family, the faculty, students, and parents. Stan always makes sure the parents are happy while working in the concessions and at the gate and reaches out to make sure they do not get hungry or thirsty. This year, the Krajkowski family wanted to get Stan 85 cards to open on his birthday. That goal was easily achieved, counting nearly over 400 cards that day and more to come throughout the week after his birthday. To all who are reading this article, and to all who made cards or said happy birthday or even gave their prayers – from the whole Krajkowski family we thank you. Thank you for giving your time to make Stan smile and notice that people appreciate what he does. We are grateful for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers. From Stan and Betty Krajkowski, they thank you for your constant support to the Catholic school system and belief that together we can make young stewards of Christ. Nouvel students go on to pursue their highest goals, and end up enhancing their communities. Moreover, they thank you for the dedication each parent gives, knowing that sending your children to Nouvel or donating is not always easy. With faith, hope, charity, love, and dedication the Nouvel community will always grow. Again, to the Nouvel community, dziekuje, or thank you (in Polish) for all of your commitment you have given.

-Bradley Krajkowski

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