Top 5/Worst 5 School Lunches

NCC Sophomore Jacob Gray enjoying Evan’s #1 lunch choice!

Evan Sasiela ‘14

Co-Editor In Chief



Top 5

1)      Pizza – This is the only thing that gets me through a Thursday. You can hate Little Caesar’s all you want but we are blessed with a quality type of pizza. Fresh cheese, good crust, and pepperonis topped on in a unique triangular shape make this exquisite. Plus, crazy bread and non-crazy sauce are add-ons to this scrumptious dish.

2)      Rib on a Bun – This will go down in history as the first lunch ever introduced to me at Nouvel and it is still one of my favorites. I am sure that it is a favorite of yours as well. You cannot hate the delicious BBQ rib patty and now it comes with the delicious onion BBQ sauce. Rib on a Bun is a special treat and will go down in history as a unique Nouvel lunch.

3)      Meatball Sub – It’s hard to understand that a slice of pizza is $1.50 and this less 6’’ thing is $2.75. Yet, it still has me craving for more. Our meatball sub is as good as the meatball marinara at Subway. The yummy marinara sauce and cheese plus delicious meatballs make this a lunch room expensive, yet favorite dish.

4)      Pita Pizza – Pita Pizza is a nice addition to the list as it is a personal pan pizza with four slices for $2.00. That’s $0.50 a slice (I know math!) It’s as good as Little Caesar’s pizza and is able to get you through those last 2-3 hours. The cheese is delicious and the pizza sauce adds a little bit of touch to this great mini-pizza dish.

5)      Chicken Nuggets – This is Zack “Fat” Young’s tribute to Top 5. I will say chicken nuggets have been on a decline since my freshman year but they are a cafeteria staple. The nuggets are plentiful with meat and a little crispy to help you get through the day. After a long, 35 minute Wednesday Mass, sometimes you need those c-nugs to get you through the rest of your day.


Worst 5

1)      Chicken on a Bun – It’s almost as if our wonderful cafeteria crew decided that there was an excess amount of chicken patties and buns and decide to create this. It’s not bad with BBQ but it cannot be eaten plain. This should not be brought back as a lunch.

2)      Shrimp Dinner – Who wants to eat 50 pieces of crusted bread pieces, a bread roll, and butter for $3.00? Not me, and I am certainly not you either. There is no shrimp in the dish at all and it is overpriced. Sadly, get ready for another Lent full of these every Friday.

3)      Philly Steak with Cheese – This is too dry of a meal and will not suit your daily needs. There are many other Philly Steak with Cheese dishes at other restaurants out there that you should try. If you do decide to eat this get something else too like maybe a nice, quaint soup.

4)      Lasagna – Lasagna comes with cottage cheese and is usually burnt black. Stouffer’s is a way better lasagna option. I guess you could make a case with parmesan but it is not one of my favorites. Now the ravioli with 25 cent breadsticks are another story #bringthemback.

5)      Brats – This has not made an appearance in our cafeteria line since September of 2013. Let’s keep it that way. Why on earth would I buy a brat when I could get one of the scrumptious hot dogs that are available every day for $0.75?

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