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Comedian:  Mitch Hedberg

                What is it about Mitch that makes him so funny? Well, everything really. Mitch has been regarded as one of the best stand-up comedians who ever lived. His unique and observational one-liners made him a hit, along with his unique stage presence. Sadly, Mitch died of a drug overdose in 2005 at the age of 37, but his legacy still lives on today. He is one of my favorite dead comedians, and that is why he is the first of my comedians in the comedy corner. Check out this Mitch Hedberg clip.



YouTube Clip: Gangnam Style

                PSY has been all over the world. He’s been on SNL, on Ellen, and now he’s on the comedy corner. Check out his hilarious music video: Gangnam Style.



SNL Clip: Ryan Lochte

                This clip from the season 38 premiere was very funny. While this episode featured a very funny Seth MacFarlane monologue, a sketch that featured Psy, and a very hilarious puppet class sketch, this Weekend Update segment was hilarious. Seth MacFarlane tells the viewers about the fall TV lineup as Ryan Lochte, who although he is a very great Olympic swimmer, he is a bad interviewer. See this hilarious clip.!watch/401526#i2,p0,d2



You can see the entire Seth MacFarlane episode here:!watch/401544#iundefined,p718,d0

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