Our Staff

Advisor: Mrs. Rachel Chaltraw

Co-Editor-in-Chief, Steven Ray  ’18

Co-Editor-in-Chief, Video-Editor: Catherine Charlton ’18

Sports Editor: Jacob Burr ’19






Andrew Albers ’19

Kyle Allen ’18

Manny Arroyo ’18

Tyler Doyle ’18

Michael Ehlman ’19

Nick Fleming ’18

Tate Hausbeck ’18

Miguel Jamie ’19

Will Jarema ’18

Kenny Kujawa ’18

Kyle Lemanek ’18

Nolan Matekel ’18

Sean Nowasatka ’18

Jade Patel ’19

Jessica Preston ’18

Isiah Rosales ’18

Joe Westhoff ’18

Alex Wrobel ’18


 We are Nouvel called by Christ to learn, love, and lead…courageously.






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  1. Ms. Mize

    Great website! You guys did an awesome job on it.
    If you’d like (or can do it) you could add a link to http://www.highschoolsports.net to your sports section, that is where your readers can find an up-to-date sports schedule.

  2. Scott Kuhl

    The new look is great, and easy to navigate…keep up the great work
    of course this comes as no surprise, the paper advisor was raised right….

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